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About Dropsofseas :

Dropsofseas is here for all your needs including webdesign - web integration, graphic design, video editing and consulting for social medias . From the production of your personalized website, to the conception of yourlogo or visual identity, by the animation of your logo or your presentation video, to finish with the consultingof all your social medias, I can support you in all your projects.
Based in Alsace, I can come and meet you in Mulhouse, Colmar, Sélestat or Strasbourg. We can also have a virtual meeting with a videoconferencing !

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Why choosing a professional ?

These last couple of years, many websites proposing cheap logo for a couple of dollars, or to create your own website for a little amount of money emerged. These solutions are conceivable when our budget is low, however, for 15$ the chances of having a really personalized logo are really low, and it’s quite possible to see your concurrent having the same one. In the other hand, when you ask the help of a freelancer (webdesigner, graphic designer, video editor) or an agency, you can be sure that you’ll receive a personalized service. Your logo will have all your values, and it won’t look like any other one. The same thing goes to your website, when you ask for a webdesigner to do it, you will have unique effects, an original layout, and especially advices to put it forward. A professional will give you all the keys to have a good ranking on Google (SEO).

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